Heal Yourself, Let Go of What no Longer Suits You and Make Room for Your Hearts Desire!

Re-balancing your chakra’s is not difficult at all!

Take Your First Step

Take your first big step in your personal persoonlijke awareness by following these chakra-meditations. Comfortably from your own home, whenever you want. Its possible now!

Let these meditations heal you

These meditations are ment to heal you. You will learn how to ground yourself, to let your energy flow freely, and you will receive several exercises to let go of what no longer suits you, so you can make room for what your heart desires.

Heal all 7 chakra's

You will achieve this by healing all seven Chakra’s. Chakra’s are energy centers in your body that act like communication ports between you and the world around you.

What will be the Result?

You will create space for who you really are
and you will aloso notice:


“Each of the seven chakras are governed by spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that we can use to cultivate greater harmony, happiness, and wellbeing in our lives and in the world.”
— Deepak Chopra

For Whom is this Course?

  • These meditations are for those who want to live freely and authentically
  • For those who are willing to look themselves in they eye, be honest about what you see there and want to learn how to heal themselves
  • For those who want to create space for the things they really want in life, the things they long for
  • For those of you who speak Dutch, as the course is only available in Dutch.

People who took my course reported experiencing: 

✓ More vitality

✓ More inner peace

✓ A deeper sense of Relaxation

✓ A greater self-awareness

✓ Having a clear image of what they want out of life 

What will you get?

Included in the course is: 

  • Life Long Access to all information and mediations for the 7 chakra's in een professional online learning environment 
  • Extensive information regarding the chakra, like the characteristics that will tell you when a chakra is out of balance
  • Information about which food damages/heals which chakra 
  • You will learn which physical complaints belong to which chakra. This will help you now which chakra to balance
  • Meditations that will help you to bring your chakra's back in balance again 
  • If you listen to all the meditations in a row, you will have made a significant breakthrough in your personal growth and consciousness 

What does it cost?

For the complete series of Healing Chakra Meditation you can listen to over and over, whenever and wherever you want, you will only pay is €39,95.

Hi, my name is Barbera and I am a Transformation Coach for people who have always felt weird or strange or like they don’t fit into this world, who have spend most of their life trying to please others, being what they thought other people wanted them to be and as a result feel unhappy and unsatisfied with their current reality ( private and/or professional life).

After working with me they feel proud and powerful, care less about what other people think or say, live a life that is both rewarding and fulfilling and have turned their calling into their soulful profitable business that allows them the freedom that they desire.

I help them to be free to be who they really are so they can be free to do what they love doing most while having a crystal clear vision of what is really important to them in life with a step-by-step plan on how to turn that vision into their new reality.

Barbera Schouten

Transformation & Empowerment Coach 


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