Do You Want to Learn How to do Sales Naturally So it Does not Feel Like a Trick?

The Heartfelt Sales Formula contains everything an HSE needs to have sales conversations from the heart, to handle objections and to close more deals and get more sales!

For whom is this Module?

If you recognize yourself in one of the following statements, then this module is perfect for you:

* You think that selling your product/service doesn't fit with who you are, because you are someone that wants to help other people and not “sell” them stuff.

* You have the idea that selling feels like a series of tricks or a script you need to learn and practise over and over again to become successful at selling.

* You don't like selling, you feel like you are not good at it, but you realize you need to sell in order to get clients and turn a profit.

* You want to have confident sales conversations, that do not feel like a trick but instead come from your heart and feel good and natural.

* You often hear objections from clients during your sales conversations and you don't know how to handle them

* You are afraid to ask for the sale at the end of the conversation so you don't close but instead let your potential client decide if and when they will contact you an/or buy your product/service.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to prepare for your sales conversation by writing an intention declaration and a good sales pitch. You will also learn how to make rapport with your clients to provide harmony and connection and to ensure better communication.

You will learn about the ifferent phases of a sales conversation
 and how to influence your prospect in such a way that they are triggered and are convinced that your product is going to solve their problem(s).

You will also learn how to handle objections, the things that are holding the prospect back from saying yes to your offer at this moment and you will learn how to close the deal by asking for the sale, the order or the contract.

What will be the result?

  1. HIGHER CLOSING RATE - Because you now have several closing techniques at your disposal during your sales calls, you will be able to close more and more sales calls and your closing rate will increase.
  2. INCREASED SELF-CONFIDENCE - Because you no longer try to have sales conversations based on scripts, but instead speak from the heart and use your intuition to guide you, you will experience an increased confidence in yourself.
  3. MORE SALES - Because you now speak from the heart and know how to handle objections and ask for the sale, your sales numbers will increase drastically.
  4. LESS STRESS, LESS ANXIETY- Because you are no longer using tricks or tactics that don't suit you and don't feel right, but in stead have conversations based on love and methods that do suit you, you will experience a lot less stress and anxiety.
  5. MORE PROFIT - Because you now do your sales conversations from the heart and have learned to ask for the sale, your sales numbers will go up, this means more clients, more money and more profits 

Which Tools will you get?

The Heartfelt Sales System

The Intention Declaration 
The Intention Declaration is all about making a promise to your clients about the value you are going to offer them and why you are the best person to offer it to them.

The Acquisition Strategies Protocol 
The Acquisition Strategies Protocol is designed to help you with the aquisition of your ideal clients by knowing exactly where to find them, what they love, what their problems are and what solution they need.

The Sales Conversation Toolkit
The Sales Conversation Toolkit has all the tools you need to become a rock star at sales conversations, so that you will actually enjoy talking to your prospects and closing the deal.

The Handling Objections Strategy 
The Handling Objections Strategy is your personal strategy to handle the objections that your ideal clients might have during your sales conversations. If you can take away the objections, you can close the deal.

The Closing Techniques
The Closing Techniques are a series of techniques designed to help you close the deal at the end of a successful sales conversation and after you have succesfully handled any and all objections your prospect might have had.

What does it cost?

Click on the image below to register now for this amazing, one of a kind module that any HSE needs to have sales conversations from the heart, to handle objections and to close more deals and get more sales!

HSP Core Strength Formula

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