Morning Affirmations

Start the Day Right!

Whether you are looking for a job, feeling a little unsure about your situation or just want to take control of the way you spend each day, these Morning Affirmations will give you a positive start to every day.

Morning Affirmations for Happiness, Gratitude & Manifestation

Morning affirmations are such a powerful way to start your day and something intentional you can do to direct how your day will unfold. When you wake up, your energetic momentum has slowed overnight and you have the opportunity to set a new, fresh tone.

In this audio, I’m going to share morning affirmations for positivity, gratitude and manifestation as well as some powerful I AM statements.


How Affirmations work

Morning affirmations powerfully work because they rewrite your beliefs as you keep saying them. You won’t believe them at first and will even feel like you’re lying to yourself, but as you continue to repeat an affirmation, it will start becoming a powerful core belief.

As Abraham Hicks always says, a belief is just a thought you’ve thought over and over again.

A recent study published in the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Journal found that self-affirmation activates well-known reward centers in the brain, as well as increases activity in the medial prefrontal cortex and posterior cingulate. These areas are connected to self-related processing and act as an emotional buffer to lower states of vibration.

Affirming to yourself what you want to experience in your life helps you to step into that perspective, and when your perspective changes, your whole reality shifts.


This is what you can expect:

  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS - repeat these positive affirmations every morning before you start your day for 21 days and feel the difference it makes to your attitude and expectations of each day.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE - just listen to the audio every morning as soon as you wake up, it's easy and its very simple. 
  • MUSIC - there is a version available with music and a version without music so you can choose what feels best to you.
  • AFFIRMATION - there are 85 affirmations that will help set you up for the perfect day ahead.
  • GREAT BENEFITS - after clearing your fear it will become much easier to live from authenticity and happiness and to guard yourself from feeling overwhelmed.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - the audio is available to listen to and download on your mobile, tablet or laptop/pc via soundcloud and/or the soundcloud app.

Are you Ready To Set Yourself Up For Success?

Barbera Schouten

Hi, my name is Barbera and I am a Transformation Coach for people who have always felt weird or strange or like they don’t fit into this world, who have spend most of their life trying to please others, being what they thought other people wanted them to be and as a result feel unhappy and unsatisfied with their current reality ( private and/or professional life).

After working with me they feel proud and powerful, care less about what other people think or say, live a life that is both rewarding and fulfilling and have turned their calling into their soulful profitable business that allows them the freedom that they desire.

I help them to be free to be who they really are so they can be free to do what they love doing most while having a crystal clear vision of what is really important to them in life with a step-by-step plan on how to turn that vision into their new reality.

Barbera Schouten

Transformation & Empowerment Coach


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