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Be You By Design is a deep dive into your unique blueprint; who you really are, what you came here to do, what your purpose is, and how to express yourself best, so you can unlock your full potential and live your best life, with a practical guide on how to implement everything

Do You want to live a HELL YES! life on your terms, following your unique path? So you can do what you came here to do?

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There is one problem in this world that I would like to solve

That problem is that everyone always does what they should do, what other people tell them to do, and/or what other people expect them to do. Instead of doing what they want to do, choosing to live their life how THEY want to live it, following their own dreams, goals, and desires in a way that feels good to them. Maybe you also recognize that problem?

Too many people let themselves be influenced by their environment, by fears, doubts, the opinion of others, and unhelpful thoughts. They do not walk their own path but live the life of another instead. Which only creates frustration, anger, disappointment, and bitterness.

I think that's a real problem, wouldn't you agree?

That's why I'm so excited about this blueprint. Everyone is unique, one out of 7.8 billion. There is no one-size-fits-all method or system. There is not one way to live your life or run your business that works for everyone.

One size fits none 😉

Your unique blueprint brings you back to the person you've always been. So that from there you can create a HELL YES life in YOUR way, on YOUR terms, full of satisfaction, peace, wonder, and success. No longer doing what you must or should, nor what others expect of you. But instead do the thing that you were designed to do, what you came to this earth to do.

After reading the basic blueprint, you know what it takes to walk your own path in this life. So you can create a hell yes life on your terms.

What to expect?

  • BASIC BLUEPRINT - you will get your 16-page, hand-crafted, unique basic blueprint, detailing who you really are, how your environment influences you and how you can influence it, what your major frustration is, and why and how you can change it, what your purpose is and why you've been experiencing your life the way you have been an 
  • CLEAR EXPLANATION - you will get a clear explanation about what your unique blueprint is, what it means for you specifically and how you can apply it within your life to start living your life on your terms.
  • INCREDIBLE INSIGHTS - you will get to know yourself on a deep level and not only get insights into your unique talents, qualities, and pitfalls but also understand how you are energetically influenced by your environment and how you can influence your environment too. 
  • PRACTICAL TIPS - you will get practical tips that you can apply to your life (and business) immediately for amazing results!
  • BREAK THROUGHS - you will make deep subconscious blocks and patterns visible, so you can break through them and create a new path for yourself, free from obstacles.
  • GREAT RESULTS- you will get insight into how you experience your emotions, how to make the best choices for you, and what your unique way of navigating the world around you is. This will allow you to connect with your true self, tap into your highest potential, and experience more success, happiness & flow in your life.
  • REAL LIFE APPLICATION - after reading this basic guide that shows you and explains to you what your unique blueprint is, you will be able to apply your knowledge immediately in a practical way, full of confidence.
  • NEXT STEPS- at the end of the blueprint I also tell you what could be your next step(s), because after reading this blueprint I am convinced that you will want more!
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - the blueprint is available in a PDF format that you can download and read on your mobile, tablet or laptop/pc.
  • LOW PRICE - you will receive this blueprint that will change your life forever for only $25!

Next Steps

  • STEP 1 - Pay for you Be You By Design Blueprint using the button below
  • STEP 2 - Fill out the form with your full name, birth date, birth time, Country of birth & City of Birth. This is the foundation for your blueprint.
  • Step 3 - After receiving payment and your personal information, Barbera will start to personally handcraft your blueprint. Because this is a manual process that Barbera tailors to everyone specifically who requests a blueprint, it may take up to 7-14 days for your blueprint to be ready.  
  • Step 4 - You will receive your unique blueprint back as a beautifully designed PDF, in which you will learn all about yourself and your personal blueprint, so you can start to apply that knowledge to your life to get the results you want.
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