Ebook: HSP Survival Guide

Survival guide for Highly Sensitive People (HSP's). Use these 9 simple and easy steps to go from overwhelm to Super Power.

€5,99 €29,95

Ebook: Burnout Self-Help Guide for HSP's

Self-help guide for Highly Sensitive People (HSP's) with a burnout or burnout complaint as well as for their friends, family and loved ones

€5,99 €29,95

The HSP Survival Guide ebook + Audiobook

In this guide you will read about or listen to the 9 steps (with practical exercises) that will help you to move from overwhelm to super power so you can remain standing as an HSP in the fast moving world of today.

€7,99 €39,95

The Burnout Self-Help Guide + Audiobook

In this guide you will read or hear all about burnout, what it is, how you know you have one, 5 tips to get out out your burnout, 12 tips to avoid getting another burnout and extensive tips and information for your loved ones. You don't have a burnout by yourself!

€7,99 €39,95


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