Barbera in the Media

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers Podcast

Talking with 50 strangers and discovering they could be friends you just had not met yet.

The Spirit Wisperer

Talking about all things spiritual, energy related and how to find divine guidance in today's chaotic world.

Entrepreneurship Decoded

Diving deep into the lives of the entrepreneurs, unearthing their challenges, epiphanies and aha moments during their journey.

High Ticket Coaching & Consulting Podcast

Private High Ticket coaching and consulting strategies for more growth within your business.

The Wellness Warrior

Improve your mindset, radically transform your health, get back the time to pursue what matters most to you.

Solutions 4 Solopreneurs - Journey to Entrepreneurship

The real hard conversations about starting a business with very little money and time. Hint? It's NOT easy. 

Push or Pivot

Talking about what you will do when you are at your crossroads? Will you push or will you pivot? Soon!

Digital Introverts

Introverts share their success and failure stories and discuss how they thrive in the digital age. Soon!

Shut-in Webinar Series with Jeff Klein

This Shut-in Webinar Series started because of all the (in) voluntary shut-ins as a result of the Corona Virus. Soon!

Retreat to Peace

Talking about how to travel through life with ease, be- cause life gets messy and the future is uncertain. Soon!

Chaos to Clarity Reset Podcast

Talking about how to let go of stress and anxiety so you can go from chaos in your head to amazing clarity. Soon!

Coffee and an Interview with Dr. Jacqueline Peña

Coffee and an interview to inspire and empower others to succeed in their personal and professional endeavors. 

Champions of Self

Podcast for young adults who want to unlock their potential. Be prepared for both sides of life. Soon!

Igniting Clarity Show 

Get Equipped, Be Encouraged, and Unite… So You Can Make The Impact You Were Called To Make. Soon!

The Lilipod

Show up for yourself, gain clarity, improve your life, and find your way to making a positive difference. Soon!

Wired For Success

The Podcast brings together the very best from science, self-development, and entrepreneurship. Soon!

Barbera's Bio

Barbera is an experienced transformation coach, speaker and

She has helped thousands of highly sensitive people (HSP's) and
other energy sensitive aliens all over the world to embrace and
accept themselves fully and connect to their true, authentic self
by getting to know their own user manual through and through,
discovering their passion & calling and devising effective energy,
stress and emotion management strategies so they can finally
create a life for themselves that makes their heart sing.

She has written 3 books & 3 Online Programs and she regularly
writes blogs on LinkedIn that have helped even more people to
"come out of the closet'. She has her own TV Show called HSP TV
on Youtube in which she talks about all things HSP, Energy and
Entrepreneurship related.

She is the host of a Podcast called 100% Yourself With Barbera on
which she discusses everything you need to know to be able to
be 100% Yourself and on which she also interviews other
inspiring people to share their story about being 100% Yourself.
Her Podcast can be found on most Podcast platforms.

Her style can best be described as easy-going and down-to-earth with a big dose of genuine love, care & compassion. Barbera helps intuitive aliens go from overwhelm and confusion to clarity and peace of mind by combining practical knowledge and personal experience with great tips, useful strategies and
amazing tools.

She has created the HSP Super Power System® and is the founder of the HSP Power Academy.

Barbera has been a guest speaker on various TV Shows, Podcasts and Blogs and her goals is always to inspire and help others to gain a better understanding of how to be 100% Yourself and how to make a lasting and transformative change to improve their lives.

Need an expert to talk about how to develop a better relationship with yourself and create an amazing, blissful future that makes
your heart sing and gives you unbridled joy? INVITE BARBERA TO BE A GUEST. Read more about her story here.

Do you want me to be on your Podcast?

Send me an email at mentioning who you are, what you do and why you want me to be on your podcast and we will make it happen!

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Transformation Coach for
Intuitive Ambitious Aliens


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