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Read their stories, discover their pain and the solutions they found and enjoy what they have to say about Barbera and the way she helped them.

I have had several sessions with Barbera and she also gave me acupuncture treatments. Her approach is genuine, integer and will really help you to get where you need to be. I highly recommend working with Barbera!

Barbera is a driven therapist who goes out of her way to help in a very professional way. She combines empathy for others with perseverence and I have no doubt she is capable of helping all her clients in a warm and professional way.

Barbera helped me expertly. I experienced our sessions as professional, to the point and caring. Barbera has excellent skills to help me heal and discover my possibilities. No one understands better what it means to be an HSE.

I came into contact with Barbera, because I suspected that I was Highly Sensitive. I came to that conclusion because I was experiencing a lot of (negative) emotions from my wife, children and the residents live with us and that get 24/7 care.

I always knew that I was a sensitive person and I always saw myself as being emotional, but what was bothering me the most was the fact that I could quickly become very angry or be very short with my children, even though I knew that my anger had nothing to do with them. But I also could not quite figure out where the anger did come from.

I also noticed that I often felt incredibly drained and exhausted because I was working with our residents, that need 24/7 care and guidance and who live with us. I was also struggling with never feeling understood by others and always feeling like I was weird or strange. Different.

During our discovery call I felt understood for the first time in my life. It also confirmed who I was. For more than 30 years I walked around with an with an undefined and unconfirmed feeling and now, for the first time ever, someone finally understands and knows me.

When I started on the program with Barbera, my main desire was wanting to communicate better with my children and wanting to be able to better use my high sensitivity to serve our residents to the best of my ability in the care and guidance that they need.

There was the question of when we would start, because I was in the middle of launching a new online platform and it was a very busy period for me, but because the deadline got pushed back I was able to start sooner than expected and I am sooooooooo glad that I did that!What I learned from working with Barbera is so much more than I could have imagined. I learned to separate my emotions from the emotions of others. I learned to concentrate my energy, so that I was not all over the place energy wise, which mainly manifests itself in absorbing many different stimuli and not being able to concentrate on one thing.

For the first time in my life I have found myself again. Somewhere in my teens, I noticed that I was losing myself. I could not have imagined that the sessions with Barbera would help me to find myself again. I got to experience what it feels like to be in touch with your feelings I now have a very good relationship with my intuition.

Because of this I dare to trust my feelings more often. By being more in touch with my feelings and by appreciating my high sensitivity, I have become less and less critical of myself. Because I am there, I am allowed to be there!

And because I can be there, my feelings, dreams and desires may also be there. I am now kind and good to myself. I have started to appreciate and respect myself and that allows me to get more and more respect and appreciation for others and their feelings. Because I created space for myself, I can now also give space to the emotions of other people.

My name is Nathalie Langer, 47 jaar, HSP and working as a hostess in one of the most beautiful wellness resorts in the Netherlands.

Several month ago I came into contact with Barbera through LinkedIn. I was trying to find myself and wanted more in dept knowledge regarding my own high sensitivity and I especially wanted way to be able to handle it better. Mostly for myself, but also in my dealings with the outside world. Knowing why we are responding the way we are responding and how I can make sure that I find my balance again quickly and efficiently is invaluable to me.

Barbera has helped me with all of these things the last couple of months and we have had valuable coaching sessions and phone calls. Her insights gave me (and still do) grip on my life and her tips have helped me to handle myself differently. I am even more aware of my presence in this hectic world and I know I will become disbalanced often, but I also know how to handle that now. Knowing how to find peace within myself and how to stay true to myself are key. Thank you Barbera for your time, your patience and the valuable experiences.

To Barbera Schouten,
I wanted to tell you how much I am loving your on-line Course.

I always felt guilty about not having the energy to spend eight hours a day on building my on-line business. I would become exhausted easily when spending too much time on Facebook or Instagram.

For a while I did a lot of negative self talk accusing myself of being a procrastinator. However, I knew this was not true because if I were doing something, I loved like working with a client, writing my blog or doing a podcast time would fly by and I would be energized afterwards.

I love how throughout your course I am learning to acknowledge my gifts and skill, identify my wants and desires and recognizing that being empathic allowed me to pick up everyone else’s energy even through the computer. I now allowing myself down time as soon as I feel drained.

Recognizing what time of day worked best for me to be productive through your course gave me permission to work in the mornings and I give myself the afternoons off, and then do some work in the evenings.

I love your course material the exercises, meditations, and your sense of humor that shows up in the videos.

I am profoundly grateful we crossed paths. Your knowledge, wisdom, and open communication style makes me feel valued, strong, and empowered to be me 100% of my day.


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